What happened to Tv freeload forum?

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Its been down for awhile now. Is it ever going to come back up?

Are there any other sites like it that I can use instead?

2 Answers

  • Hi, it has indeed been down a long while and it’s a shame.

    Unfortunately it appears to have gone for good and it isn’t the only filesharing community to disappear. It appears that various governments do not like these types of forums.

    If you wish to find out information in regards to it ever returning please visit this blog run by some of the previous staff, be sure to read the comments on the posts because they too contain relevant information.

    You can find the blog here: cptvfl.blogspot.com/

    As for other places to use I would recommend: cptvfl.blogspot.com/

    If you used Megaupload links more commonly than Rapidshare then you’ll find many on the TVFL links here too.

  • I seen posts on CouchPotatoes about TVFL before it went down. The server went down and Dean (deanfromuk) had no idea when the server would be up due to the holidays. I miss both sites.

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