what happens if I get pulled over, alone, with a learners permit?

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Can anyone clarify this for me? Would I go to jail? Would I get cited ? My learners permit suspended ? Get off with a warning ? :0

Please And thank you !

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  • Ive been pulled over twice with my learners permit and my friends they most likely always give a warning or make you get a licensed driver to come get it only time they will take it is if your like by some strict part of town and theyre being big *** wholes i ride as much as i want and keep 200$ to the side in case they take it i get it right out and keep driving

  • you are not legally entitled to drive because you are not licensed

    as such you are also not insured

    you will be ticketed and the judge will not be amused at your reckless and irresponsible behaviour

    your learners permit will probably be revoked and you will not be entitled to get it reinstated for some time possibly several years

    there could be a very large fine involved

    as stated the vehicle will be impounded and you face towing and storage charges

    you won’t be able to get it unless a licensed Driver is with you to drive it away

    storage fees are daily so by the time you get around to this you may not be able to afford it

    and everybody will feel sad for the poor little child ……… Not!

  • You will get a fine. Your learner’s permit will be revoked. The car will be impounded. You will have to find alternative transport to get you back home. The owner of the car will be fined, for allowing you to use it. The owner will also have to pay a fee to release the car. The owner may even get demerit point on his/her licence.

  • Well depens what cop stops you and pretty much your permit will be tooken away. If going to jail not sure. But car will be tooken away as well someone will have to pay to take it back .. Make sure you have a cell phone with you anything can happen. If you get a good cop and have a good excuse they they might let you go but make sure you fallow all the rulles and do not speed

  • You will get a ticket

    you could get a delay in getting your regular license

    you could get your permit suspended or taken away

    worst of all the car will be towed and impounded

  • Original Poster here… I forgot to mention that I.am 19 years of age. The car has insurance. And I don’t have anything on my record.

  • Just maybe all of the above. Depends on the county and state that you live in, and the officer doing the pulling over.

  • Age matters not here, no license so insurance is not valid. Ticket, suspension, impounded car. fees, fines. All in all a very expensive drive.

  • Your getting a ticket, your car is getting towed, since your driving illegally. So then you get the cars owner to go pay the towing fees to get the car back. Sounds like a pretty stupid risk to take dude, cheers.

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