What happens if I just stop showing up at work?

I work in a retail job, part time. My boss is a real jerk and lashes out at his employees constantly and I’ve had enough. What happens if I just stop going to work? Can he do anything about it (besides obviously fire me)? Can he force me to go to work if it was something in the fine print of the contract? And lastly, would I still be able to pick up my last check for previous hours if I just stop going to work or declare that I quit?

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  • it’s a job, not a prison. the only thing he can do to you is fire you, and bad mouth you to future employers. (he’s not supposed to do that last one, but he most likely will.) No one in this country (except millitary and similar government jobs) can force you to work.

    I wouldn’t recomend to quit the way you say because it makes you look irresponsible to other employers in the future. Such a childish way to hadle problems could haunt you for at least your next two jobs. The more adult thing to do is just go in and quit. You can go above him or to HR if you’d rather. Just say you feel the job isn’t right for you, thank them for the chance and quit. (If you do it this way, they’re less likely to bad mouth you.)

    They are not allowed to hold your paycheck if you’ve already worked the hours. If they try that, then go the department of labor and they will help you.

    I worked retail for 6 years, and many people quit the way you say you want to, IE don’t show up, and it always haunts them. They can (and will) fire you, and since it’s for cause, you can’t collect unemployment. They are also allowed to tell future employers about you, as long as it’s the truth and well documented. If you quit the way I say, they won’t have much documentation, and won’t be able to say much.

  • Read what’s in your contract.

    My employees have a 3 day rule. After 3 days of not showing up without reason they’re terminated with no chance of rehire. Obviously they’d be allowed to pick up their last paycheck, it would be illegal to withhold it. I wouldn’t be able to force them to work because of the at-will employment law. There are different laws if you’re part of a union or in a time-based contract, which I know nothing about.

  • Part time retail, you can just walk away without repercussion. You can get your last check, worse thing that can happen is the company labels you as being un-hirable.

    If you hate the job, quit. Let him know man to man that you aren’t happy, is there any way he can schedule around you leaving or give as few hours as possible for your two weeks? If you already have another job lined up let him know, but outside of morals and references you have no obligation to work for that company.

    Please let the manager know, the only ones that pay will be your co-workers if you just stop showing up.

  • No, don’t do that. Go to work and the next time he annoys you just say ” I quit, right now” Have a witness, tell him you’ll be back on payday for your pay, then walk out!

    Good luck, you’ll be ok.

  • You won’t be able to use this employer as a reference for your next job. A better thing for you to do is face your boss like an adult and give your two week’s notice; you don’t need a reason to quit.

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