What happens if i put toothpaste on my eyebrows?

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Apperntly it burns off your eyebrows. Is this true?

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  • You’ll have manky dried on toothpaste in your eyebrows. If it’s a bleaching toothpaste and you leave it on long enough it would likely have an effect like lemon juice in sun (it might lighten your eyebrows slightly if it’s a strong one) but it’s not going to burn them off.

  • a million] use face wash, toner, sunscreen, and moisturizer on your face form. Wash, tone, and demonstrate in AM; wash, tone, and moisturize in PM. 2] exfoliate with apricot scrub two times a week 3] if flakiness has not more suitable after one week, you will possibly have a sort of dermatitis – attempt an over the counter cortisone cream for yet another 2 weeks. be sure you’re ingesting sufficient water [ a million/2 gallon an afternoon ], and take a multivitamin with minerals in many situations going on. 4] then if no progression, see a physician

  • Check with that guy over there with a moustache – ask him if he’s ever lost a bit of his facial hair by accidentally dropping toothpaste on it! (I think the answer will be no!)

  • Toothpaste does NOT burn your eyebrows out.

  • No it wont. It will just stick in your eyebrows and make you smell of mint! h yes, and you’ll look a proper fool.

  • To quote Homer J. Simpson… “I… don’t… know…”

    Quite frankly, you have to admit, you’d look pretty stupid though… Why not just pluck them, or shave them off if you’re going for the Whoopi Goldberg look?

  • Rubbish. It won’t do a thing apart from make them sticky!

  • No it’s not true. You will however, look like bit of an idiot.

  • Try it, see what happens.

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