What happens if you drink a whole bottle of NyQuil?

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  • 1-5 min: generally grossed out, you will find something to wash down the taste.

    5-10 min: you will have your head in your hands. You run the highest risk of vomiting now, because your body is realizing it was really stupid, and because your burps remind you of the taste. If you vomit, you will be fine. If not:

    10-20 min: You will get the urge to lie down.

    20 min – 2 hours: You will be in some strange twilight sleep while lying in your bed. You will have way too much sugar in your system to fully sleep, but will still have dreamlike thoughts while you lie there. These will likely be nightmarish. You may also vomit during this time due to seasickness. Both you and your bed will be covered in sweat during this time. Again, if you vomit you will be better.

    Around 2-4 hours you will be fully awakened by the urge to PӨӨP. Hurry, because it will be diahrrea. You will probably spend another 10 minutes with your head in your hands.

    Afte the diahrrea you will go lie down for another hour at least.

    When the magical mystery tour is over, you will do something intellectually easy, most likely watch TV. Your extremities will be somewhat tingly.

    Long term: this is VERY bad for your liver, kidneys, heart, and brain.

  • Don’t do it…it will cause liver failure …..way to much acetaminophen or how ever you spell it….Robitussin DM is the only one you could drink and survive…and you will still have adverse side effects depending on your body chemistry such as diarrhea…messed up heart rate…itchiness…ETC……Any other cough medicine will kill you from the inside out….Please do not do that if you don’t know what your getting yourself into.

    Source(s): My friend ……..a former user of the tussin DM
  • You turn your hat sideways and start going by the name P-Dawg or some such.

  • You fall asleep – maybe forever. Not smart!

    Source(s): The label…. But mostly COMMON SENCE
  • You risk becoming Diabetic

    Source(s): MCCC, MI.
  • You throw up and then start robo-tripping.

    I don’t recommend it.

  • you might get sick and sleep

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