what happens if you fail the same class 3 times in college?

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a friend of mine drop the class the first time then got an F and then a D

3 Answers

  • Most colleges won’t let you retake a class you’ve failed three times. The options would be to take the course somewhere else and transfer the credit or to drop the program that requires this course. For example, if you want to be a engineer but failed intro physics three times, engineering isn’t for you.

  • you ought to be placed on educational probation. you would be in case you fairly have not any GPA at that school. lots of the time pass pupil’s GPA would not count variety in direction of their GPA at their new college. I transferred and familiar semester on the recent college I purely have been given credit for 2 training and one replaced right into a lab. I retook 3 training the subsequent semester so those credit I had first semester did no longer count variety. i replaced into on probation until I further my GPA on the recent college to a 2.0. I had a three.2 on the different college. while you’re on probation the college will deliver you a letter stating the words of your probation. lots of the time it tells you the min and max variety of classes you may sign up for the subsequent semester. in addition they could require you to talk with a counselor each and every few weeks.

  • You end up paying 3x what you should pay, and still don’t have a degree.

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