What happens when you go into a Waffle House and they tell you they are out of waffles?

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23 Answers

  • It depends if I wanted waffles or not.

  • I laugh but i like pancakes

  • you order something else. I went to Taco Bell and they told me they were out of beef

  • I would not go back and go home and make your own, so easy.

  • I don’t know, but I hope no one becomes violent over this problem. Better alive w/o waffles than dead with only syrup.

  • I would go to another place for waffles or try to make them myself at home.

  • There was a lady who called 911 when McD’s was out of fries. So she would call 911 again.

  • I would double check that it wasn’t April Fools Day.

    Then I would be surprised.

    Then I would remember that I once went to KFC and they were out of chicken, so I guess it does happen.

  • why go in the first place  , unless your a trouble maker !! any place can run out of stock .

  • Sue them.            

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