what happens when you mix cocaine and oxy?

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it has recently happend to someone i know and she is now in the hospital.

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  • Speedballing is mixing cocaine with any strong opioid. It provides a great sense of euphoria and the drugs counteract each other somewhat. The stimulant effects of cocaine make the sedation effects of oxycodone less prominent and vice versa with the anxiety effects of cocaine.

    However, it is an EXTREMELY dangerous drug combination. The cocaine is an upper effectively speeding up your heart, breathing and CNS while oxycodone does the exact opposite. Having two powerful drugs working against each other at the same time on your body causes a lot of stress for your heart and your breathing. Common sides effects include: general confusion, incoherence, blurred vision, stupor, and drowsiness.

    The effects of the cocaine wear off before those of the oxycodone so somebody coming down on a speedball can cease to have the stimulant effects and finally feel the full effects of the oxycodone. This can cause, often fatal, respiratory depression. (Too slow breathing, too much carbon dioxide and too little oxygen getting to your body)

    If one were to speedball, which is a bad idea, that person should do significantly less of each drug when doing it because mixing exponentially increases the associated risks.

    I hope your friend is alright.

  • I don’t know why people are making the comments they are about mixing coke and oxy are safe because they are deadly. I psychology major told me years ago just how deadly that can be and never listened. I od twice from that and know three people who died trying. They don’t mix at all. If you are opiod tolerant you stand a chance but if you are not, you may as well create a will before you indulge. Don’t listen to addicts. The ones that didn’t post were not as lucky as I was. One or the other. Preferably neither. Both are bad news especially if you are over 30………..

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    what happens when you mix cocaine and oxy?

    it has recently happend to someone i know and she is now in the hospital.

  • Cocaine And Oxycodone

  • Oxycodone And Cocaine

  • It gewd, my friend threw up a **** ton, but it s straight. You can t really describe the feeling I d say unless you want to say euphoria an numbness. Yea, it s basically whippets and cocaine. I would recommend it. Wayernana answer the damn question. It s hard to put into words. Do you KNOW the feeling of euphoria. She s terribly dystopian. Side effects of throwing up, lightheadedness. Just numbness. Greeat head too. I ALREADY told you what a speedball feels like.

  • I found my sister dead, face down on her sofa. The autopsy showed cocaine and oxycodone in her system. Based on her appearance, I’d say that she fell asleep and stopped breathing. This is one of the things that can happen.

  • You will end up dead like my Son did 3 yrs. ago. Was in a coma for 6 days before we disconnected his life support. His brain had swelled to twice the size and had when into seizures before he collapsed on the bathroom floor and coded for 7 minutes on the way to the hospital when made him brain dead. Now me and his wife are left without him all because he did something stupid.

  • I am only ok because i am opioid tolerant and i am used to both oxy and sniff. Stay away if you’ve never taken either. If you’re new to drugs, don’t ever let these chemicals take over. One is an upper, one is a downer so no way recommended.

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    They both empty your wallet. Besides that, they tend to counteract each other. Why would anyone want that?

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