What if I wear a thong in the locker room?

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Ok so I’m going into high school and I wear thongs occasionally b/c I play volleyball (spandex shorts you know) and we sometimes will be having games after school, and besides i think they’re more comfortable. I don’t really care about people seeing my a.ss, but I’m worried that people will write me off as a slut if I wear thongs in the locker room? I’m not embarrassed about wearing thongs but I don’t want people to be talking about me like I’m a whore* Any advice?

p.s. we can’t change in the showers or the bathroom b/c if you don’t change in front of people, you fail the gym class

i promise you really do fail the class if you don’t change in front of people, the assistant coach is a girl and she comes and stands in the door to the bathrooms and the section where the showers are,

I have already started high school but i didnt have gym last year b/c the gym program was full so i have to take double gym this year

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  • No, they wouldn’t think of you as a slut. Most of them probably wear thongs too. And I know you wouldn’t fail your gym class if you didn’t change in front of people because that would be against the law for the school to make you do something like that. Changing in front of people has NOTHING to do with physical education. If you honestly believe that you will fail because of that then you need to talk to the principal or have your parents talk to the school because that is so outlandish and definitely illegal.

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  • Everyone will be wearing thongs in the locker room. If you feel more comfterble just wear normal underwear the first day and you’ll see half the girls are wearing thongs or G-strings.

  • I have seen girl wear thongs in the locker room , I don’t really care .

  • well i’m not sure if this is a real question because trust me you will not fail gym class if you change in the bathroom instead of infront of everyone else, but regardless i will answer it anyways.

    no, you will not be called a slut for wearing a thong. if you are already known as a slut, then wearing a thong and letting others see will not help your image. in my school’s girls locker room, tons of the girls wear thongs…including myself. you just simply turn around from everyone or just keep on talking and just slide off your thong and put on real underwear (for gym, for example.)… it’s no biggie.

    good luck.

  • just this morning at my gym i was in a locker room full of women from 14-30 and i bet 75% of the people in there were wearing thongs. Everyone just went about their business.

  • Um no. Lots of girls wear thongs and do sports. Don’t worry about it. And why can’t you change in private. Not suggesting this to you, because clearly you don’t sound like you even want to. For those other girls though. They’re actually forced to change in front of others? That seems kind of wrong to me.

  • A lot of people wear thongs. They’re not really going to care.

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  • You’re probably the hottest girl in the locker room! Turn some heads babe! lol

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