What if you ordered photos from walgreens and didn’t pick them uP??

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Because, i just dont want them any more! will they figure out a way to charge you!?

3 Answers

  • No. People forget photo orders all the time. If they have your address and/or phone, you might get a phone call or a postcard asking you to pick them up, but nothing more. Most stores have a policy about how long they’ll keep unclaimed orders. After that time, they go into the trash. I hope we’re talking about a roll of film or a few prints, not some giant order you decided you can’t afford. Cuz if it’s a really big order, I think abandoning on purpose would be sleazy.

  • Humm. Well, they shouldn’t charge you, but sometimes stores are a pain and do things you don’t want them to-do! I dropped off photos at Walgreens and I accidently left them there {they were some good photos!} and they didn’t charge me for them. I mean how are they! I don’t put my address on the envelopes/folders so how are they going to charge you!

  • Just call them, everything should be ok!

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