what is a “continental wallet”?

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  • It’s a wallet that can fit bills of any sizes all over the world. For example, a wallet that can fit American bills doesn’t necessarily work with bills from other countries, since most countries have larger bills in width.

  • What Is A Continental Wallet

  • I am a former chef and agree with “PurplePassion”, that was what I was told back in the 1970’s when I did my chefs training, it is a way for a smaller hotel with no real kitchen to offer guest a light breakfast for there business, and from one answer I have not seen eggs on any CB, it is a mix of pastrys (Danish, Muffins, Crossiants, Cinnimon buns), Juices, Preserves and Jams, Coffee or Tea, some offer Toast or other bakery items. It is easier to get people out of the hotel and sightseeing, so the staff can clean the rooms if they have to go down to the lobby area and eat something, and now that the chains are expanding and offering more, the CB could go the way of the Dodo bird, I see adverts for the Holiday Inns now were ther offer a full breakfast buffet, and all this for stay one night??

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    In England, Europe is referred to as “the continent.” The English traditional breakfast is hearty, but in Italy and France they like coffee and a pastry so it became known as a Continental breakfast to distinguish it from a full breakfast. Hope that makes sense Edit: I agree with you though, first time I stayed at an Inn that offered a Continental breakfast I thought I was in for a special treat.

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