What is a creditor on rental application?

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Is it only credit cards or car payments and things like that, or do your cable company and electric company count as creditors? We’re applying for a new apartment and it has 8 lines for creditors on the application. I don’t know what to put! Thanks!

3 Answers

  • Put the ones that are going to give you the best references. However, if you have something you know is delinquent (ex: An old electric bill you never paid and was turned over to collections) put that down. Honesty, goes a long way when your credit report is about to be pulled. Anyone who has turned you into any credit bureau may pull up… the list is extensive: Student loans, cars, mortɡɑɡes, utilities, cell phones, prior rentals, dish network, credit cards, bank accounts… your first born (just kidding).

  • I would discuss with the landlord your situation and how you intend to pay the rent. Since you are saying you will pay in full, I would imagine you won’t have any issues. If this apartment is in a college town, I bet this landlord has dealt with students and their special circumstances before. If I were a landlord and you paid your 6mos and deposit up front, I wouldn’t be concerned about you having a job or income. LOL

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