What is a DIS box on a car?

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I am wondering what a DIS box is and what it does.

I have heard the term, but have not seen one and do not know what it stands for.

I have heard someone say it meant Digital Ignition System and another person say it means Dual Ignition System. I just am wanting to know when someone says “DIS box” what the “DIS” stands for and what it does.

Also, who makes the best ones, so I can read up on them.

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@Davy: Thank you. Also, is a DIS box better than a system with a distributor (all other things the same), and do you need 2 DIS boxes on a dual spark plug engine?

2 Answers

  • distributerless ignition system. its a solid state module that controls spark and spark timing to the spark plugs. the Engine control module controls it depending on rpm, and engine load.

  • Cars Dis

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