what is a dissecting pan?

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what is the exact appropriate definition of it…

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  • Rather than dissecting on the desk top, a pan is used to secure and retain the dissected material. Often the pan will have a wax or rubber bottom to allow pins to be used to keep open the dissected material. The pan shape helps to keep any fluids from running all over the place.

  • Dissecting Pan

  • Define Dissecting

  • It’s a metal pan, either stainless steel or enameled, partly filled with a dense solid wax.

    The wax is used to hold dissecting pins, which in turn keep the specimen in place during the dissection procedure.

  • These dissecting instruments and pans may be used with preserved specimens. The specimens are not included

  • It’s a pan you put the subject you are dissecting in…

    seriously, the name of the thing pretty much describes itself

  • The place where to pin the specimen to be dissected rather than to spill blood on you table

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