What is a good message to send to make someone think I blocked their number?

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I am trying to get somone to leave me alone, and I heard this works.

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  • I have blocked people before and when I try to text a number to a blocked phone this is roughly what I get back.

    “The number you are trying to reach [input number] doesn’t exist”.

    Source(s): Blocked people before.
  • Error: We’re sorry, The owner of this account you are trying to reach has blocked you. You can no longer send text/SMS messages to this phone number. All messages sent to this number will automatically be deleted from their account. For more information, please call 1800(random numbers), or visit (yourcarrier).com/support for more details.

    Error code 020194

    Source(s): It’s simple buy it works 🙂 trust me I’ve tried it 😛
  • Error 9885: The subscriber you are trying to reach (yournumber): Has blocked your number they can no longer accept your calls or sms messages at this time.

  • “Sorry, but this person has blocked your phone number. This person will not receive your calls or text messages.”

    “(Your name here) has blocked you from contacting him/her.”

    “Error: Cannot send message. Reason: This person has blocked you.”

    “Error: Message did not go through. You may have signal issues or this person has blocked you.”

    Lol, I hope these help.

  • He or she loves you lol.Stop ignoring

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