What is a good name for a female Ice dragon?

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I need a good name for a female Ice dragon in my book

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  • Fimbulvetr (I got that from Fire Emblem. Its the name of an ice magic in it and it sounds AWESOME)



    Bianca (bianco is white in Italian, so make it “a” for a female)

    Larka (in one of my fav books, this is the word for “fresh snow” in a native language)

  • I’d try looking at some root words for ice or other related words.

    How about Glacialus, Geladregus (gell-uh-dree-gus), Gelidissius, Nivata (iced), Stiria (icicle), Algidier (algidus is really cold), Algor (the cold).

    Hope this helped 😀

  • Just some ideas but maybe: Cadreinth, Jura, Tielenth, Avrae, Darlath. Most dragon names are hard to say. hope this help.

  • Frost, simple, clean, and straight to the point. The name gives off a vibe that feels cold and overwhelming

  • Gor lon

  • Try these names:

    – Neuge

    – Crystal

    – Shayla

    – Janice

    – Nieve

    – Eira

    – Neva

    – Neiva

    – Ermine

    – Perdita

    – Isanne

    – Isolda

    – Arctica

    – Glacieria

    – Icy

    – Glacia

    – Bora

    – Gweneira

    – Isolda/Isolde

    – Yuki/Yukiko

    I hope that this helps! Most of them mean ice, snow, or winter.

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