What is a “Guerrita”?

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A friend of mine called me guerrita, but refuses to tell me what this word means. I assume it is spanish, but I cannot, for the life of me, find a definition for it. Any information would be greatly appreciated?

Thank you both for your responses! I will tell him thank you for being so kind and that he needs to go back and practice his spelling skills.

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  • Güera is slang and means blonde in mexico (the proper term is rubia), in guatemala is canche and in el salvador is chela, different countries different slang.

    güerita means blondie and is used as an endearing nickname meaning little blonde girl and it is used mostly to define blonde people unlike what someone said here and it is pronounced werha and wereeta the way you spelled it means little war

    Source(s): spanish first language
  • Güera is an spanish word to refer to white and sometimes blond people

    maybe he wanted to say that you are beautiful

  • It is a slang term that means: “sweetie” or “honey”.

    Guera = blonde

    guerita = little blondie

    But it is a very used term for honey, sweetie, sugar, lovey.

    P.S. one R because guerra (two r’s) means war

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