What is a multihypenate?

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2 Answers

  • ‘multi-hyphenate’ is a noun used for a person who has (or is known for having) several main occupations, such as a television-writer-director-turrned-film-writer-director.

    This word was first used in 1969 by Wayne Warga of the L.A. Times.

    New words enter our language every day. If a word is used enough times or describes something that no other word seems to fit, it becomes part of our language. That is why the English language is called a “mongrel language”.

  • I think you mean multihyphenate.

    An example would be when a person is described as “an actor-writer-director”. There is more than one hyphen in the title hence the multihyphenate description.

    I hope this helps

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