what is a Platonic massage?

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  • there isn’t such an expresion.. poor old Plato didn’t have a filosophy about massages…. there is an expression, “platonic love”, that means a love that doesn’t involve phisical attraction or sexual intercourse. in analogy with this, your so called platonic massage should mean something like a regular massage, an innocent one, that has nothing to do with the erotic.

  • A massage that is given without any romantic or sexual intentions. People like to use the excuse of giving a massage as way to come on to someone physically… trust me…. I’ve never had a guy offer to give me a massage that DIDN’T try something later on… *rolling eyes*

  • a friendly massage… mostly likely not goin to happen outside of a massage therapist’s office. Unless the person giving u one is a relative or something…

  • Platonic massage has the same meaning as a platonic date. None sexual!

    There is a site i recently discovered called platonic massage dot com seems like they list people who are looking for platonic massages.

  • between friends

  • no happy ending

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