What is a provisional admission?

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Hey guys,

I am an undergrad and was just wondering what a provisional admission means? I got into the school of my choice, but it says that I have a provisional admission status. How will this be any different from having a full admission? Are there any requirements for my first year? thanks.

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  • Usually, It probably means that you weren’t up to par with their admission policy, but they gave you a chance and you have to complete a certain amount of credits and receive a gpa to gain full admission. You are just on a probationary period.

    Provisional admission in High school seniors means depending on your final grades, they will admit you.

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  • Hi, I’m a UCLA alum – it probably won’t make a difference, but just to be on the safe side, write them a quick note to say you added a course. It will only take a minute and will put the whole thing to rest so you won’t have to wonder.

  • Provisional means that it could be taken away, it’s not fully final yet.

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