What is a scabula?

Heard it on Jimmy Neutron, jus’ wonderin’ if it’s real.

5 Answers

  • The scapula is the shoulder blade. It the bone that connects the arm bone (humerus) with the collar bone(clavicle).

  • the scabula or scoulder blade is a flat triangular bone lying on the posterior surface OF THE THORAX IN THE SPACE BETWEEN 2 AND 7 RIBS

  • Are you sure it wasn’t scapula? That’s your shoulder blade, but I don’t know what a scabula is. And Mr. Tasty is a retard, your collarbone is your clavicle.

  • It is “scapula” and it is the SHOULDER BLADE, not the collar bone~moron.

  • It is scapula..and it is the collar bone.

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