What is a song with the word ‘Lips’ in the title or lyrics?

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if in the lyric, please include that part in your answer

36 Answers

  • when your lips are playing my kazoo- two man gentleman band


  • Nirvana- Molly’s Lips

  • U2_ so cruel

    Jim Reeves- He”ll have to go

    Cliff Richard- Lucky lips

    Dashboard Confessional- Vindicated

  • Our Lips Are Sealed by the Go Go’s <3

  • Somebody to you by The Vamps ft. Demi Lovato.

    It says this;

    I used to ride around

    I didn’t wanna settle down

    But now I wake each day

    Looking for a way that I can see your face

    (Yeah you!)

    I’ve got your photograph

    But baby I need more than that

    I need to know your lips

    Nothing ever mattered to me more than this.

    *if you want the whole lyrics; http://www.azlyrics.com/lyrics/vamps/somebodytoyou

  • Lips Of Ashes – Porcupine Tree


  • The Harold Song – by Kesha

    “I Miss Your Soft Lips” first lyric

    my favorite song

    www.youtube.com/watch?v=C_HYSvFp6_A – Billie Piper – Honey To The Bee

    “I’m thinking about your sugar lips “

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