What is a summary of Perseus and Medusa?

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I need a short summary of the Myth of Perseus and Medusa.

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  • Basically it is the story of Perseus the son of Zeus and Danaë who kills Medusa. Medusa was a gorgon(female mythological creatures) but she was the only one not to be immortal. She could turn people to stone if they looked directly into her eyes. Perseus managed to kill her by only looking at the reflection in his shield. He cut off her head and from the neck came a winged horse called the Pegasus (not sure how) On the way home he killed a sea monster that was attacking the kingdom of Aethiopia and married the king’s daughter Andromeda. It goes on a bit more but that’s the bulk of it. 🙂

  • Perseus And Medusa Summary

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    What is a summary of Perseus and Medusa?

    I need a short summary of the Myth of Perseus and Medusa.

  • All myths are based on the idea of the hero’s journey, wherein he/she leave the confines and comforts os the community/society so as to seek knowledge.

    The hero meets one or several “wiser” ones, representing those who have gone before, who assist the hero.

    The hero then faces the ultimate challenge that has to be over come even at the cost of ones own life. Facing this deadly peril, deadly because the knowledge that is gained changes the old community/society, symbolically killing it so that it can resurrect in a new form better than it was, the hero dies to his or her self and in this selfless act, done for the good of the community gains new life and knowledge which is then carried back to the community so that all may share in and gain from the same.

    Read the various works of the late Joseph Campbell, especially, “The Hero With A Thousand Faces”.

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