What is a tagonist?

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I know the words protagonist and antagonist,

What does Tagonist, the root word mean.

3 Answers

  • A protagonist is “for” and an antagonist is “against”, so I assume that a tagonist is neither for nor against, but is just tagging along for the ride.

  • the root is “agon”, conflict or contest (thus agony in its original meaning is pain that comes from an internal conflict which we later applied to any condition of extreme pain). -ist is a suffix (one who). pro is a prefix (before or toward, or supporting) and anti is a suffix (opposite or against). The t is stuck in there between pro and agon to make it easier to say. similarly the reason we drop the i in anti before agon.

  • The root word is the “agonist” part, from a Greek word for “struggle”, as is explained in most dictionaries

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