what is album2006 dot com?

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and you put your name in to find a picture, WHAT IS THAT?

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  • It’s phishing. The site is made to look like facebook so you will give them your log in information. It might start with “www.facebook….ect” but look at all the extra stuff that is added before “.com” IT IS NOT FACEBOOK. You people are giving away your login and password. I’m guessing that the site uses your FB information to forward the same message to others, and collect all your personal information.

    Source(s): Common sense…
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  • I Just got an email from a former Military Sargent stating the same thing.I do believe this has to be a scam!! Danny would never send me an email like.I will text him to find out if he sent it and provide a response for further assistance to anyone who may fall victim to this supposed scam. I am also going to change my password.

    Source(s): This is the only site that I searched besides my FB references. I will copy this post and paste into my FB to ask all of my FB friends who are indeed friends (the majority of them) and get an idea of how many people have recvd such a message of FB. I have a feeling it has something to do with Zynga Games because you can now log into Zynga directly from a site,maybe you have always been able to do so but I just found out and have been logging in that way.But I am getting an odd extemely odd amount of foreign friend requests..I will further investigate this matter.And possible notify FB to be on the safe side..
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