What is an object that symbolizes “family”?

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ive already got a tree, for family tree.

but i want to go deeper.

any suggestions?

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  • Maybe a cornucopia? A cornucopia represents fertility and abundance. It is a storehouse for food– a necessary thing to survive. You can rely on it, and so in a way take comfort from it.

    I believe people need their family. I don’t believe a person can truly be whole without a family.

  • What Can Symbolize Family

  • Bananas

  • Well, in Greek Mythology, Hera was the Goddess of the house. Her main symbol is the hearth.

  • a somewhat chipped chemistry beaker with super plumes of crimson gas cascading above it. (because of the fact any colored gas, is, by using nature poisonous, so a mad scientist could be poisoned by using his madness, or he could be socially risky, i do no longer be attentive to your tale.) possibly a chart of the periodic table set on fireplace, flaming wildly. 🙂 basically some innovations!

  • Those paper-doll cutout. Like where you fold a slice of paper forward and back, then cut it. So now it appears as if they are all holding hands


  • How about a totem pole with Dad at bottom, then Mom, then a boy, then a girl’s face carved into it? 🙂

  • A rock. A family is your rock, your support system, your stability.

  • In my experience, I’d say a train wreck.

  • For me, a broken mirror. Or dead flowers.

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