What is bigger than a TB? (Terabyte)?

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I’ve just seen an ad for a computer with 1TB and I was wondering what is bigger than a TB? I don’t want people answering 2TB because you will only make yourself look like a douche-bag. KB,MB,GB,TB,?? What’s next? Thanks

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  • Petabyte is the next step up which of course is 1000 Terabytes.

    Then it goes Exabyte, Zettabyte and Yottabyte.

  • Bigger Than Terabyte

  • I wonder when they are going to have petabyte computers! That would be great if it was sometime soon

  • 4TB is a lot of storage, you can store around 1.1 million photos OR 305 hours of movies(high quality) OR 1 million songs. I would recommend building your own system if you are into gaming and want high performance for you buck. Building your own system is a lot easier than you think and all you have to really do is buy the required parts and then assemble them. Currently, the top end gaming graphics cards are the ATI5900 series, ATI6800/6900 series, Nvidia 400/500 series. I would recommend waiting until January 2011 until buying a new computer as Intel is going to release the next generation “Sandy Bridge” processors which will be very powerful at the some price point as similar chips available today. 6GB of good quality DDR3 RAM should be plenty and i would recommend buying a Noctua aftermarket cooler for your CPU if you plan on overclocking.

  • Bjorn is correct. The Petabyte is the next name/”level” is sizing nomenclature.

    A helpful site for those of you doing some conversions to see if all those music and image files will fit on the backup drive is one of the online conversion calculators:


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