What is “gotong-royong” in English?

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Pls don’t say “gothong-raeyoung” mat selleh accent like my wife did. She said what is rambutan and durian in English. Ok… got sense… but really want to know gotong-royong in English.

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  • go-to-ng roy-o-ng

    in english=



    ng-a Chinese guy name “Ng”

    Roy-a name of guy

    o-also known as ‘0’. [email protected]… kopi 0

    ng- ‘Ng’ again…

    so, pergi ke Ng, Roy kosong Ng…


    go-to-ng roy-0-ng is already English!!!

  • English Ng Rambutan

  • gotong-royong have been generally accepted as and English words like durian and rambutan. So there is no exact words that can substitute it. so it means doing a cooperative job with more than one person in anything la.. not specific to cleaning or cooking stuff only..

  • Gotong royong, is a conception of sociality familiar to large parts of Indonesia and Malaysia. The phrase has been translated into English in many ways, most of which harken to the conception of reciprocity or mutual aid.

    so basically its mutual aid.

    did i answer your question?

  • its not the exact translation, but spring cleaning can be applied if you want to describe ‘cleaning together’ program. But susah-susah, cakap je gotong royong…its already in english

  • Working together

  • actually gotong-royong means lots people work together to a things done like clean the housing area or during the wedding. so roughly, you can say it as co-operation or comunity works.

  • Could it be spring cleaning party or cleaning party? I think it is a close answer..

  • Gotong royong can also be said communnal work..i learn it today…spring cleaning too…

  • Gotong-royong means CO-OPERATION….or better still means working together in a team

  • it’s actually is

    Goh Tong works with Roy and Yong Pte. Ltd.

    more like a casino cooperation

    wait!– gotong royong is cooperation!!!

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