What is JPWR1?

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On my motherboard, there is a 4-pin power socket called JPWR1. I need to know what it does since I have ran out of 4-ping power plugs to run my side-fan.

Motherboard: NVIDIA nForce 4 SLI Intel Edition Chipset Based (LGA775)

As of today, December 12th, I have had this computer for 2 years with absolutely no problems. While I was replacing my old NVIDIA 6800GT with a brand new 8800GT (needs two 4-pin plugs about 2 weeks ago, I realized that there was nothing plugged into the JPWR1 socket. I checked the manual to see if it needs to be plugged in, but the manual that came with my computer says it needs it to work with the PWR1 socket to “ensure stable operation of the motherboard”. So I took a 4-pin power plug from my side fan and plugged it in to the JPWR1 socket. Currently I have it plugged in, sacrificing a side-fan, therefore reducing cooling power, but I see no difference in anything.

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Please post any links or info regarding to the JPWR1 socket.


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  • I used mine to plug in one of my fans or lights cant remember which….is that the four pin square plug or line plug?…..either way if u can use it i would its just a source of power either coming from ur board or going to it…..go for it…if its already plugged in and NOT doing anything wrong then i would say dont fix it if its not broken…..hope this helps ya

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