What is liquor, and what is rum?

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And would rum and coke together be considered liquor?

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  • Liquor is what the pharmacists call water and what the Yanks call spirits – alcoholic drinks over 35%.

    Rum is distilled from molasses. Rum and coke is a rather girlie drink (sweet) and can be called “liquor” if you want.

  • Liquor is an alcoholic beverage (ethanol) produced by fermentation that has been distilled to concentrate the alcohol and other compounds produced through fermentation.

    Rum is a liquor made from sugarcane and or sugar cane products (molasses).

    Rum and coke together is considered a tasty mixed drink.

  • liquor is a distilled beverage that contains ethanol.

    rum is an alcoholic drink made from sugar cane.

    i think rum and coke together wouldnt be considered liquor.

    check this website out http://hubpages.com/hub/Rum-and-Coke-Drinks

  • Rum is Rum…distilled from sugar cane. Sweet ****, not worth drinking. Liquor is any spirit above a certain alcohol %. Man up and drink whiskey…

  • Liquor is any hard alcholic drink like vodka rum tequila

    Rum is liquor by itself add coke an it makes it better

  • What Is Liquor

  • You are obviously to young to be drinking. Stay out of your parents liquor cabinet. Stick with the energy drinks and E for now.

  • its alcohol. and no.

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