What is ordinarily the first step in the formation of a corporation?

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What is ordinarily the first step in the formation of a corporation?

Possible Answers

A. Development of by-laws for the corporation

B. Issuance of the corporate charter

C. Application for incorporation to the appropriate Secretary of State

D. Registration with the SEC

3 Answers

  • Bylaws are not required to be submitted with your Articles of Incorporation. Keep your bylaws with your corporate records.

    The Articles of Incorporation is the first official registration with a government entity, but you should agree on and adopt corporate bylaws prior to this registration — your bylaws detail the procedures of your corporation going forward (how often to have shareholder meetings, how many shareholders must be present to take votes, how the corporation can remove or replace an officer, etc), and these procedures are important to have on file right from the very beginning.

  • C. Filing Incorporation papers with the Secretary of State.

    Source(s): I am on the Board of a 501 C 3 nonprofit corporation.
  • The by laws must be attached to the application – who is the president, vice president

    secretary and treasurer – who is responsible for what – it’s called the “minutes of the

    meeting” – -I would think this would be the first order in forming a Corporation

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