What is Poor Judgement?

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or is it “judgment”?

If you know, please answer. 🙂

I have a project due soon!

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  • making decisions with total disregard to wisdom, common sense, how it may effect the future or others.

  • Poor Judgement

  • Poor Judgment

  • look up common logical errors.

    Amongst life decisions, the most common poor judgement is acting on the possible rather than the probable. Ex: Keeping a baby at the age of 16 because you think it is possible to have a happy and succesful life while raising a financially secure and well rounded child.

    Probable: You will be poor, uneducated, and your child is going to do poorly in school and probably wind up in the legal system.

  • a poor judgment is when you try to fit a piece of jigsaw into the wrong place.

    a judgment is the same thing, really, but usually based on the fact you’re looking at the picture on the box.

    A poor judgment, therefore, is a judgment made without a shred of evidence or cognitive logic to back it up.

  • Poor judgment is when you know it’s wrong, but you selfishly do it anyway, and then insult someone’s intelligence by referring to it as a mistake.

  • Making a decision based on limited or incorrect information.

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    What is Poor Judgement?

    or is it “judgment”?

    If you know, please answer. 🙂

    I have a project due soon!

  • Uhm, killing someone’s kid, their livestock etc, because they won’t let a few certain people go from your territory.

  • Deciding before all the data are in.

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