What is stu surprise on the sims 3?

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On the sims 3 there is something called stu surprise. Is this just the sims version of stew? If it’s something different what is it and how do you make this for real?

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  • It’s just an improvised stew. Same with “goopy carbonara,” which is just what they chose to call a thrown-together pasta dish.

    If you’d like to make a good stew, though, it’s really pretty easy. All you really need is beef stew meat (usually trimmings from roasts, but you can make your own by cutting a chuck roast into one-inch cubes), a little flour, a quart of beef stock, carrots, potatoes, one medium onion, salt, pepper, some herbs (tyme, maybe a small sprig of rosemary) and a bay leaf, and a little oil or butter. For “hardware,” you’ll need a dutch oven or a skillet and a slow-cooker. If your grocery store has the McCormick seasoning mixes there’s one that says “Beef Stew”, this is even easier. Just grab one of those and follow the directions.

    Prep work – chop the carrots and potatoes into bite-sized chunks. Dice the onion. Cube the beef, if necessary.

    Liberally season the beef with salt and pepper, then dust it in flour. In a skillet or your dutch-oven on medium-high heat, heat up the oil (about a tablespoon), then sear the beef on all sides, working in small batches so that the beef never crowds the skillet. Add a little oil as needed.

    If you’re using a slow-cooker, at this point you use a splash of the beef stock to de-glaze the skillet (using the liquid and a spatula to dissolve the solids left behind by the beef) and add that to the cooker. Then throw everything in, and add just enough stock and water to cover the ingredients, and then cover and turn on high.

    If you’re using a dutch-oven, same procedure, but once you’ve deglazed and added everything in, you cover and stick it in an oven heated to 300.

    Let this run for several hours, probably 6 or 8, until the beef and vegetables are fork-tender.

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