What is the approximate thickness of a piece of paper?

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a 10^1m

b 10^0m

c 10^-2


7 Answers

  • In inches, it’s .003 to .005 of an inch. The rest is up to you.

  • Thickness Of Paper In Meters

  • This is not a trick question, it is simply to test your understanding of the metric system. 10^1m is 10 meters. 10^0m is one meter. 10^-2m is one centimeter. 10^-4m is a tenth of a millimeter.

    Paper comes in varying weights (thicknesses), but given the choices, which one do you think is the closest one? I don’t mean to answer a question with a question, but rather to point out that the question isn’t about paper, it is about your understanding of reading metric measurements. The answer should be obvious if you read the measurements correctly.

  • The 2nd c is the correct thickness for paper-10^-4m which is a tenth of a millimeter.

  • Use your head.

    A 500 page book is a couple inches thick, right. (several cm)

    do the division and figure out the thickness of a page.

  • it’s about .001 in metric oh wait thats human hair

    it’s about .01 in metric thats paper (i just measured it to confrim)

    which is .005 impearial

    so you need to do the math now

  • .about one to two mil

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