What is the average shoulder width of a man?

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and my height is 174cm

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  • For those that don’t work out, average male shoulder width is 17-18 inches.

    20 inch shoulders look significantly broader than average shoulders; 21 inch shoulders will get plenty of attention; 22 inch shoulders will draw stares from almost everyone.

    How to measure your shoulder span:

    You measure shoulder width by standing against a wall with arms relaxed by your side and getting someone to mark each side with a pencil. Then measure the distance of the marks.Don’t flex or lat spread. Stand naturally.


  • Shoulder Width

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    What is the average shoulder width of a man?

    and my height is 174cm

  • Mine shoulder width is 15 inches, but I am considered a bit small. My guess for average would be 17 inches.

  • I do not know about average. However, I measured mine. I am 178 cm tall. My shoulder width is 57 cm. Hope this helps.

  • I’ve read average is about 18″. Most shirt makers seem to agree. I’m 6’1″ tall and have 16″ shoulders. I suppose I have a lanky build.

  • Right its all realative but not just height, weight as well or if you lift, im told i have broad shoulder at my 5’9″ 160lb frame at 17 1/2, yet my guy is 6’2″ 200 and he’s super broad 24in

  • I’m 174cm with 20.5 inch shoulders. If only I could transfer a couple inches off my shoulders onto my height 😀

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    24 inches for 6 ft height . If u r 5*2 inches height , then OK xx

  • Huh?

    Just like height… it varies a lot from one man to another.

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