what is the best eevee evolution on pokemon platinum?

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ok so my team is a monferno, a psyduck, cranidos and gible and i plan on hathcing the togepi egg and getting a togekiss later on. i have just passed the second gym so i will be in hearthrome city soon where you get the eevee and i am not sure what evolution to use. the two that i am most considering is either leafeon or jolteon but everyone is saying leafeon is bad but i can see some potential later on. help me!

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  • I recommend jolteon, he’s one of the fastest pokemon and every pokemon except ground type is affected by electric types… so he would be more useful… vaporeon sp. def is kick ***… so one of those two would be fine

  • It depends on what you have in your Pokemon Team already. If you have an Empoleon you shouldnt get a Vaporeon, and if you have a Torterra you shouldnt get a Leafeon. And also, Glacion is a really cool looking and cool-sounding pokemon, but Ice isn’t a main type of pokemon you should have on your team. I personally love Espeon, but you can catch all of ’em if you’d like in the Trophy Garden. c: Just wait till the guy mentions an Eevee in the garden and you can catch them all in time.

  • Truthfully, there’s a little trick you can use that will give you an Espeon with both Psychic and Dark type moves. At about level 30, Eevee learn “bite”, a dark type move. If you make it love you and level it up before level 36 during the day time, it will evolve into Espeon. If you level it up to 36 when it is Espeon, you will have a great Espeon.

  • If you want you can get all of them. You just have to go to the pokemon mansion witch is south of Hearthome and just keep talking the Mr. Backlot and he will tell you stories about pokemon at his garden and eventually he will come out with eevee

  • It depends on what type of Pokemon you prefer to use, The Eeveelutions all have a distinct Stat spread pattern, for each Eeveelution there’s one stat that is high, followed closely by another, again by another, after which the stats tend to be awful.

    My personal best choices would be either Umbreon or Espeon. Espeon has High Special Attack followed by a very nice Speed Stat, while Umbreon has amazing Defense Stats allowing it to be a good tank, following up would be Jolteon with High Speed and Good So. Attack, Leafeon would be next with High Defense followed by Attack then Speed, though it isn’t as reliable as Jolteon.

    As for the remaining Eeveelutions I don’t recommend any of them, Vaporeon has an amazing HP Stat followed by Sp. Atk but as it has Low Speed and Defense Stats you’ll find it gone in no time despite it’s HP, as much as I love Fire Types Flareon loses out in stats, it has great Attack and Sp. Defense, but a combination of no Speed and Low HP causes it to lose out almost immediately, especially if hit by a physical attack, and as for Glaceon, the same idea as Flareon only with Sp. Atk and Defense.

    As for my recommendations here are some general moveset idea’s for each:


    Psychic (Lvl 64/TM)

    Signal Beam (Tutor)

    Shadow Ball (TM)/Hidden Power (TM)

    Morning Sun (Lvl 71)/Calm Mind (TM)/Rest (TM)

    For Hidden Power only if it’s a good type such as Ground or Fighting and it has good BP. (If you don’t really know about this go with Shadow Ball as Hidden Power tends to get rather confusing). You can have Calm Mind if you want more power or just use one of the healing moves. I prefer Morning Sun over Rest but it’s an option seeing as you would have to level up to level 71 in order to get it (Have a Chesto Berry if you’re using Rest).


    Substitute (TM)

    Toxic (TM)

    Moonlight (Lvl 71)/Rest (TM)

    Last Resort (Lvl 50)

    Just as with Espeon I prefer Moonlight over Rest.


    Thunderbolt (TM)/Discharge (Lvl 78)

    HP Ice (TM)/Signal Beam (Tutor)/Shadow Ball (TM)

    Signal Beam (Tutor)/Shadow Ball (TM)

    Agility (Lvl 64)/Magnet Rise (Tutor)/Thunder Wave (Lvl 57)

    If Jolteon’s Hidden Power is Ice then you should definitely have it as an attack to get rid of Ground (It’s only weakness), if not have Signal Beam and Shadow Ball with Magnet Rise. If you do have it choose the next two moves to your liking.


    Leaf Blade (Lvl 71)

    X-Scissor (TM)

    Aerial Ace (TM)

    Swords Dance (Lvl 78)/Sunny Day (Lvl 64)

    The main reason Leafeon isn’t used very much is due it’s large array of weaknesses, and limited coverage over them. Though I still like using Leafeon for general battling. It’s your choice between Sunny Day and Swords Dance, if you want more power, Swords Dance, if you want Status Problem Immunity, Sunny Day.

    I hope that information helps you choose which Eon Pokemon you want to use 😀


  • i had the same problem


    u can get a ditto

    and put it in the daycare wif eevee

    and have it make 8 babys

    after that i just got every evelution

    after that u just check which 1 u like best

    good luck

  • i would not do jolteon, but leafeon is ok. i would suggest espeon and umbreon as well. espeon is fast and has good attack. umbreon is more balenced in stats

  • flareon is the best

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