What is the definition of a sandite?

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I’ve heard it’s a female flea, however I cannot find documentation supporting that definition. I went to Charles Page High School in Sand Springs, OK. We are the Sandites but our mascot was a patriot. I cannot begin to explain the correlation between the two.

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  • 1] When Network Rail looked for new ways of dealing with autumn leaf fall problems, it turned to Portec Rail Products (UK) to manufacture a trackside traction gel applicator that would break down the cellulose film generated from crushed leaves. Watson-Marlow Bredel peristaltic pumps were specified as part of this project to handle the sand-based gel. A specialist in supplying rail maintenance equipment, Portec Rail Products was approached by Network Rail to design a trackside applicator that could apply a substance called Sandite on to the head of the rail. –> http://www.engineeringtalk.com/news/wat/wat116.htm…

    See also this interesting series of letters between British dieesel train buffs: http://www.trains.com/TRC/CS/forums/1/622403/ShowP…

    2] internet radio? –> http://www.last.fm/user/Sandite/

    3] ??? –> http://www.thejunction.org.uk/sandite_03.shtml

  • I don’t think it is a real word. Considering your town is called Sand Springs, I’m assuming it means someone from Sand Springs like an Isaelite is from Isael. In latin Ite means go.

  • Sandites

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