What is the difference between born and billed from?

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for ex. ted dibiase is born from Baton Rouge, Louisiana and billed from West Palm Beach, Florida. i don’t get it.

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  • In WWE they are Billed from somewhere which means it’s “Where they state they come from”, WWE. Born means the place they were born (and usually raised).

    The Undertaker, for example.

    “And, from Death Valley, weighing in at 299 pounds, The Undertaker!”

    When the WWE ring announcers say “From” they mean “where we say they come from”. Some instances, it’s true ( Like Orton, St Lois, Cena, West Newburry).

    Your name is Dwight but the WWE wants to call you Tex and say you are born from Buffalo, NY. The WWE thinks you should be from Texas. Your intro could go something like…

    “And, from Huston, Texas, weighing in at 210 pounds, Tex!”

  • that means ted dibiase was born in Baton Rouge and now lives in West Palm Beach, Florida

  • Billed Definition

  • Billed from means where they reside, live, where there house it at so Ted

    DiBiase is billed from West Palm Beach, Florida thats where he lives at.

    Born is the place where you were born, what city were you born at is born.

  • Born is where the superstar is actually born, and billed from is a kayfabe place to suit the gimmick. Specially back in the day when WWE had larger than life gimmicks.

    Undertaker billed from Death Valley

    Deuce and Domino billed from Other Side of the Tracks

    Boogeyman billed from the Bottomless Pit

    Dudley Boyz, billed from Dudleyville

    And my all time favorite,

    Ultimate Warrior from PARTS UNKNOWN

    To suit the character, the gimmick

    Very good example is Hulk Hogan was always billed from Venice Beach, California but when he turned heel in 1996 to form nWo and the Hollywood Hogan persona, he was billed from Hollywood, California.

  • Born is where the wrestler is born. Billed is where he resides which could be real or fiction like The Undertaker is billed from the Death Valley but was born in Texas.

  • Born means the place they were actually born. Billed from is the place that the wrestling promotion claims they are from.

  • born in means hometown/birthplace, billed from is either current residence, or gimmicks residence.

  • I was born in Chicago, but I was reared in San Francisco.

  • IDK

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