what is the difference between “send” and “sent” in english language?

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  • In English there is past tense and present tense, in this case Send is present tense. “I can send it now.”

    And Sent in this case is past tense. “I already sent you it.”

  • Send Sent

  • Sent And Send

  • Send is present tense in a sentence

    Sent is past tense

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    what is the difference between “send” and “sent” in english language?

  • Send is in the present tense and sent is in the past tense.

  • Send refers to the future tense.Whenever you speak about future then use send and sent is used to state pastense.

  • Send; means you have yet to do it,or are currently doing it/future-present tense

    Sent;means you have already done it-past tense

  • The diffrence is send is present tense

    and sent is past tense.

    For instance you want to SEND and email to someone. You type and press send. So after you have pressed send you have SENT the email. Got it?

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    “These are alternative forms of the past tense and past participle of the verb learn. Learnt is more common in British English, and learned in American English. There are a number of verbs of this type (burn, dream, kneel, lean, leap, spell, spill, spoil etc.). They are all irregular verbs, and this is a part of their irregularity.”

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