what is the equilivent motorcycle cc to 25kw of power?

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  • You can’t exactly compare cc (engine size) to KW (engine power)

    There are 600cc motorbikes with over 100hp and others with less than 60hp for example.

    A Kilowatt = c. 1.34 horse power

    So you’re looking for bikes with around 33 hp. That puts you in the rough range of 250cc. But again, it’s not a straight comparison.

  • I had the EL250, which is basically the ninja engine in a cruiser frame.It was a fantastic little bike for my regular commute, and occasional longer rides. When I was transferred to a different work site, I found that I needed something that wasn’t revving so hard when in traffic at highway speeds. The BMW is a fantastic bike, and I love it, but I think I would still be riding the EL if I hadn’t been transferred. The other problem with lower cc engines is they don’t handle high mileage as well as the big bikes.

  • Hello

    Presuming you are trying to find out about Group A Motor Bike.

    Max 25 KW = 33 BHP.

    If you go to Parker’s by Google and enter bikes you are interested in and check the Specs they are more likely to give the BHP.

    For example a

    Honda CBF250-4 2006 is listed as a Single Cylinder 20 BHP

    Honda CBF500 2006 is listed as a Twin Cylinder 56 BHP

    You would need to check Specs but you could go up to a 400?

    Andy C

  • There isn’t one.

    Anyone who says “25kw is roughly 250cc” is wrong. You can tune a two-stroke 125 engine to about 30kw, whereas a classic 500cc bike (like a BSA or an Enfield) may have less than 25kW.

    The power of the engine is due to a number of things, such as the type and configuration of the engine (four-stroke, two-stroke, single, v-twin, parallel-twin, L-twin, triple, inline four, etc, etc), the tuning of the engine, the gearing, etc, etc.

    As a general rule, however, the greater the capacity of the engine in cc, the greater the torque it will generate.

    As a very rough guide, the difference between torque and power (in kw) is that more torque gives you more acceleration and more power gives you higher top speed in a particular gear.

    You can restrict a motorbike to 25kw, but it’s torque will be largely unaffected, provided that you pick the correct type of bike to restrict and the correct way of restricting it. If you want to get a bigger bike and restrict it, I would suggest going for a lightweight V-Twin – I have a suzuki SV650 Naked restricted to 25kw … and trust me, it goes like sh*t off a shovel!

  • 25kw can be over a range of engine capacities. Some modern 250cc scramblers can chuck out way more than 25kw, whereas the honda cb250, only puts out 18kw. You have to look at the individual spec of the bike you like, and go from there 😉

  • Cc To Kw

  • BAT Motorcycles have a partial list of bikes that are 33bhp and some that can be restricted to 33bhp.


  • Around 33bhp.

    A2 restricted tests define this.

  • ooh tim D stole my thunder!!!!!!

    But he still gets my point as best

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