What is the fastest way to get 15 college credits?

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I want to join the army but it requires a ged and 15 college credits. I’m ready to go now all I need is the credits. I need to know what the fastest way to get them. Can online classes be done fast?

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    Go to the college you want to get your credits from, go to their testing department and ask for a list of classes you can clep. Then you can go to Barnes and Noble and get the collegeboard CLEP study guide and prepare yourself for whatever you feel you can CLEP.

    CLEP is basically a test you take on a subject and it awards you the credits. It is cheaper than tuition for a class and you take it whenever you want.

  • Enroll in a community college and sign up for 15 credits, about 3-5 classes depending on the class. 1 term is about 2 months long.

  • In the summer, you can knock out a 3 credit class in much less time than a full semester, but the summer is over.

    Some online classes give 3 credits for the class and take less than a semester also.

    Good luck in the Army!

    Yam King

  • CLEP is going to be an amazing friend of yours:)

    You can test out of courses at local schools. For example, you can test out of basic level spanish, freshman english 1, u.s. history 1, basic college algebra, & freshman english 2. Anyway, some schools put a cap on how many hours you can test out of, but my previous school didn’t. You can also do flex courses at some local community colleges or just take 15 hours in a semester at college/university.

    Best of luck! 🙂

  • You can do 15 credits in one semester, but you will have to stay for the whole semester (from August/September until December).

  • GED might be faster; 15 college units is a very full semester load.

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