What is the guy name for Rachel?

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My name is Rachel and i can’t figure what the guy name is.

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  • There is not an equivalent guy name for every girl name (and visa versa). No guy is going to want a name that means ‘ewe’ 🙂


    Gender: Feminine

    Usage: English, Hebrew, French, German, Biblical, Biblical Latin, Biblical Greek, Biblical Hebrew

    Other Scripts: רָחֵל (Hebrew), Ραχηλ (Ancient Greek)

    Pronounced: RAY-chəl (English), ra-SHEL (French) [key]

    Means “ewe” in Hebrew. In the Old Testament this was the name of the favourite wife of Jacob and the mother of Joseph and Benjamin. The name was common among Jews in the Middle Ages, but it was not generally used as a Christian name in the English-speaking world until after the Protestant Reformation.

    how about this name?


    Gender: Masculine

    Usage: Roman Mythology

    Pronounced: AR-eez (English), ER-eez (English) [key]

    Means “ram” in Latin. This is the name of a constellation and the first sign of the zodiac. Some Roman legends state that the ram in the constellation was the one who supplied the Golden Fleece sought by Jason.

  • Probably Ray, or Rey. Whichever way…Ra could be a nickname for Rachel, and spelled differently, it would be a guy’s name.

  • Rahkel it doesnt sound like rachel persayy buht thats waht came to mind when i read this question

  • Maddow

  • Richard, I guess? I don t know, Chinese people got my name mixed up, and made it sound like Richard.

  • rachell

    like the ch would be like that gross k sound french people make.

  • ray

  • Roach.

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