What is the huge expanse of flatlands between the Rocky Mountains and the Mississippi River?

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  • That area is known as the Great Plains…

  • It is not midwest, midwest is mostly East of the Mississippi, – Ohio and Iowa are midwest.

    Originally it was desinated the “great american desert”. Desert not as sandy dry but, deserted place, no one living there. This was not good PR when trying to get immigrants to settle in kansas and nebraska, so the lack of mountains gave rise to the new expression, the “great plaines” instead. As you got closer to the Rocky Mountains the elevation increased so Colorado and Dakota territory became the “high plaines”

    When trying to farm this land, the term desert proved to be more accurate. Fortunately when the settlers first moved in, there was a decade of exceptionally wet years. Later, irrigation proved to be the only practical means of farming, and the non-irrigated land went back to grazing as it had been in the buffalo prairie days.

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  • The Great Basin.

  • You mean the Great Plains?

  • Great Plains , maybe .

  • It is a very boring drive, that is for sure!

  • the midwest


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