What is the lowest form of life?

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No jokes, no repeating answers please.

Okay you guys are NOT helping. Andrew is the only one who gave me an ACTUAL answer.

dimo: I didn’t ask for the proper term. So then what is the simplest life form?

Big Peter and Igpay Atinlay: I don’t mean people. I mean organisms like protozoa or something. You’re not funny.

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  • Lowest form of life are organisms called prokaryotes. these include bacteria and blue green algae. these are very simple single celled organisms which lack nucleas and instead just have a coiled circular thread of dna. they lack all the membrane bound bodies like mitochondeia, endoplasmic reticulum, golgi bodies etc. the only organelles they have is the ribosomes [ that too the 70 S type, its smaller and primirive ]. they may also possess cilia and flagella.

    they are included in the kingdom MONERA which contain all the unicellular prokayotes.

    although viruses are even more simpler, they are not classified as organisms or a form of ‘life’

    Hope this Helps 😀

  • Scientifically speaking the lowest form of life is Zach Tullock

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    Apparently the THEORY that new genetic information can come out of nowhere and change the appearance and abilities of an organism to suit it’s environment is now a fact (?!). Don’t know when or how it graduated from theory to fact but that’s what atheists adamantly proclaim (and will cuss out anyone who dares disagree – having a different opinion is intollerant! lol)

  • No joke it is **** Cheney

    Life is a continuum. Is a prion a life form? some folks question if a viron should be considered living.

  • A single-celled organism (Prokaryotic), meaning that it does not have a nucleus. Other Scientists may conclude that a virus is a living organism, but it is hotly debated.

  • Calling anything a “lower” or “higher” form of life is a purely subjective value judgment that doesn’t exist in nature. Nature doesn’t consider bugs or amoeba to be “lower” than human beings. From an evolutionary standpoint, what we might call “lower” life forms are actually extremely successful.

    “simpler” and “more complex” are better terms than lower or higher.

  • People who go on Yahoo answers. And yes, I realize this includes me, at least for now.

    Source(s): Basic Logic.
  • consider the parasitic hierarchy in nature and sociology. That is where your answer is

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