What is the mass number of an ion with 108 electrons, 158 neutrons, and a +1 charge?

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I’m confused. I do not know how to get the mass number when it doesn’t give protons. Can someone help me?


3 Answers

  • Well, it gives you a +1 charge and 108 electrons, meaning there is one more proton than electron for this isotope. That means there are 108 + 1 = 109 protons. The number of protons is the element number, which means it is meitnerium, element number 109.

    Mass number = 109 + 158 = 267 is the mass number. Meitnerium-267 is the isotope.

  • There will be as many protons and elections, but this is a ion with +1 charge so it has one less electron. So the mass number should be 109p + 158 neutrons. Mass number is 267.

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