What is the mass of the fish? You can ignore the mass of the spring.?

The scale of a spring balance reading from zero to 200 N is 12.5 cm long. A fish hanging from the bottom of the spring oscillates vertically at 2.60 Hz.

2 Answers

  • The formula for the oscillation of a mass on a spring is T=2π√(m/k)

    The relationship between frequency and period is T=1/f so the period is 1/2.60=0.3846 s.

    From the information given, a force of 200N will stretch the spring by 0.125m.

    That enables us to find the spring constant since k=F/x

    k=200/0.125=1,600 N/m

    Rearrange the formula




    m=_____________ kg

  • __________________________________

    Force constant=200/0.125=1600 N/m

    Frequency= f =(1/2pi) sq rt [k/m]

    squaring and simplifying,

    mass = m = k /(2pi*f)^2

    m=1600 /(2pi*2.6)^2=5.9953 kg

    the mass of the fish is 5.9953 kg


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