What is the meaning behind a nocturnal rainbow?

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I actually saw a rainbow in the dark and I want to know what that symbolizes?

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  • Nocturnal means

    Done, occurring, or active at night:

    A rainbow in the night.

    It is extremely rare, but it is possible if there’s a full moon and rain. Because moonlight is weaker than daylight, the rainbow will be much fainter.

  • There are nocturnal rainbows often called “moonbows” that form when the moon is bright enough to have its light reflected and refracted through water droplets. Since the moon’s brightness is far less than the sun’s, the colors of the moonbow are muted, often appearing white or gray instead of the rainbow’s full-color spectrum. They can occur anywhere in the world but are much more common in the tropics, where isolated showers are more likely to occur with a mainly clear sky than at mid or high latitudes, where nighttime showers tend to be accompanied by an overcast………..

  • It symbolizes the fear that dwells within a child’s heart. By looking at the nocturnal rainbow, you have given one more night terror to a young person. If you ever see one again, you might get a night terror and never wake up. Majoogily says that nocturnal rainbows have connections to the Brian’s parietal love, and even seeing a photo of one will stimulate that Bart of the brain until you get an aneurism. Good luck, might wanna close your eyes at night from now on.

  • A rainbow in the night that almost all of the time cant be seen by us down here. Listen to hopsin nocturnal rainbows, hell teach u right

  • in ways it can mean the devil because typically you see rainbows in day which could symbolize good or safe and night is evil. Most horror movies take place in night rarely in the day. In the song nocturnal rainbows by hopsin it kinda explains what it means.

  • Reminds me of

    Hopsin-nocturnal rainbows

    Lol i knowni didnt answer your question but i like being open minded aha

  • sometimes, at the right place, nature has greatest radiance in the most unexpected of circumstances, or of the least supportive of primary influences

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