What is the meaning behind being able to put your fist in your mouth?

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5 Answers

  • If someone told you that you could fit your fist into your mouth, they would probably not be very happy with you. Sure, it could literally mean jamming your fist in your mouth, but it usually means you can’t keep your mouth shut or that you have a big mouth. You either told a secret or something you weren’t supposed to tell, or you don’t know when to shut up!

  • I think you mean foot, you said something you really shouldnt have so your just going to put your foot in your mouth to keep yourself quite

  • if you can put your fist in your mouth you have a big mouth…maybe your double jointed?

  • Your mouth is larger than normal size.

  • Nothing its just really difficult so ppl try to do it! if you do, it would be just as difficult trying to get it out again………..

    dont try it at home.

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