what is the meaning of choto matayo it’s a japanese word can u translate it?

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4 Answers

  • Do you mean Choto Matteyo? Coz then it means please wait a bit, a while

  • chotto matte yo [ ちょっとまってよ ]

    is basically a informal version of

    chotto mattekudasai yo [ ちょっと待ってくださいよ ]

    chotto [ちょっと] means ‘a while’

    matte [ まって (or in kanji 待って) ] is a te-form of the word matsu [待つ], which means wait

    so it means, wait awhile

    yo [ よ] is a gobi, that expresses an assurance / confirmation, or sth.

  • I live in Japan but I don’t understand the word very well …

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