What is the meaning of ‘nandato’ usually heard all throughout the ‘Naruto Shipuudden’ series?

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I keep on hearing the term “nandato” from the characters. I wonder what it means…

5 Answers

  • Usually Nandato means “what did u said”

  • Nandato litarally means “What did you say?”

    it can also be translated in “What?” “What do you mean” “What the hell?” etc, depending on grammar & conversation and person habit/way of speaking.

    Hiyori of Bleach always says that *ahahaha* (ahhhh… it makes me remember of what happened to her in the latest manga *schet* she’s my female favorite character)

  • naruto anime is the first then the second series is naruto sippudden~

    just like vampire knight [1 series] vampire knight guity [2 series]

  • hmm i do not know, but while we are on the subject has Nandato replaced Dattebayo!?

  • Its’s a way of saying “What the hell?”

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